I opened my small soap shop in 2003. The idea comes from my mother’s family, because my grandmother and her sisters made soaps years before me!

From the country soap, I created a wide variety of vegetable oil and glycerine based soaps, adding essential oils and Magdalen Islands’ land products like the sand from our beautiful beaches, kelp from the sea, plants and fruits, honey from our local beekeeper, salt, alabaster stone from our red cliffs and other 100% Magdalen Islands’ ingredients!

Let yourself be tempted by my original and nature inspired products, or offer them as gifts, they usually create a good reaction!

La Fille de la Mer

Ariane C. Arsenault


With a University degree in Visual Arts and creativity up her sleeves, Ariane founded La Fille de la Mer, Savonnerie Artisanale in 2003 in the Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada. The colours and design of her products make her stand out as a soapmaker. Born on an island and raised on a sailboat, no wonder Ariane's product lines are inspired by the seaside! Always in search of local products to add to her soap formulations, she uses local honey, kelp, sand as well as many other hand picked fruits and botanicals.

After over 10 years in the handmade cosmetics industry, soapmaking is part of her daily life and she is always looking to learn and improve her techniques. In Canada, she is a leader in the industry and is very active on specialized social media. Her youtube channel and facebook page are places where she shares her skills with her clients.

Besides soapmaking, Ariane is going back to school for Accounting while taking care of her two beautiful little girls and travelling when she can.